Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exchange cryptocurrencies anonymously?

Of course. We meet the requirements of our customers while complying with current laws and regulations.

Is the exchange of cryptocurrencies at the exchange office bitcoinwymiana.pl legal?

Yes, we operate legally. We are a company registered in Poland and we operate in accordance with applicable regulations.

Is pre-transaction contact necessary?

Contact is not necessary, but welcome. Especially with larger purchase or sale transactions of cryptocurrencies. By informing us in advance, we are able to provide the most comfortable exchange conditions.

Is cryptocurrency exchange in Kantor bitcoinwymiana.pl safe?

We do everything to make it so. We are located in a protected office building in the center of Warsaw. Feeling safe and comfortable when exchanging cryptocurrencies is a priority.

Is it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin in exchange office bitcoinwymiana.pl?

We offer all the most popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, including: ETH, LTC, USDT. The customer can also exchange other altcoins.

Will I get cash immediately when selling cryptocurrency?

Naturally. After receiving the appropriate number of confirmations from the network, we withdraw cash.